About Us

We are a premium IPTV Streaming company, delivering HD content to a global market.

Creativity is to Think More Efficiently

We craft beautiful and unique digital experiences. With more than 10 years of knowledge and expertise we are meticulous about everything that goes into your viewing experience

We have built a better Streaming Platform

GladTV is a leading premium streaming service company that offers instant access to live TV and onDemand movies and TV shows. GladTV has very quickly established itself as the leader in both entertainment and technology.

Bufferless Streaming

We made the investment to build our infrastructure so that you can stream more and bufferless. Less interruptions more watching the channels you love.

Extremely Flexible

No Contracts, Credit Checks, Cancellation Fees, or Hidden Fees. Going on Vacation? Start, Stop, or Pause your service at any time. When you return reactivate your service easily with no hidden fees.

High Definition Content

GladTV offers the best selection of high-definition content delivered to your home using your existing internet connection.

On the Go Technology

Use at home or on the road. A replacement for cable that can go wherever you go. With native Android & iOS applications, you’ll never have to miss the shows you love.

Global Streaming Technology

Our multi-location content delivery centers make use of the most sophisticated equipment available to deliver a secure stream, which utilizes a range of bandwidths and devices. With adaptive streaming technology, the compression rates can be instantly and automatically scaled up or down, delivering a viewing experience that is completely smooth and free from buffering and glitches, supporting both low and high bit-rate deliveries.

Customer Service & Support

It is important to be able to get the answers you need when you need them. Our company has been founded with the customer in mind, providing several methods to answers to your questions with prompt and courteous customer support.

Technology in Design

Technology and design are at the core of our success. We provide a state of the art streaming platform matched with a familiar user interface that closely resembles traditional cable & satellite. Leverage our experience to enjoy TV the way it was meant to be.

Ready for Action?

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